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  • Now ------, before we get started, I think that it is critical to review some key points so that you understand why the product is so critical for yourself and your business.  It will just take a couple minutes but will be invaluable to your decision making process.

    (go to SEO Worldwide article)

    1) first paragraph talking about the growth of mobile subscribers and the need to provide a mobile site for your web site.

    2) the second paragraph talks about SEO.  It points out that SERP for PC web sites varies greatly (. Up to 86%) from mobile sites.   The emphasis is on local centric companies who are given favoritism over  national companies on mobile searches.  If you are a local centric company, image and video heavy, you will be at an advantage over the big boys.  Mobile is one area where local companies, because mobile searches are task oriented local searches, can compete.  We don't work with PF Changs, Home Depot, or the Carrabas of the world.  They are already using mobile technology successfully.  We work with local centric companies providing them with the services and technologies to compete.

    3). The do's and don't of mobilely redirecting.  Do use XHTML coding on a separate server to provide seamless and consistent service.  Don't use JavaScript, flash, frames, tablets which are inserted into your PC coding.  It may or may not work on many types of phone and provide inconsistent usage.
    Only true redirection to a new web site works effectively.

    Now understanding that,  let's look at the product.